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How do you convey emotion in a music video?

How do you convey emotion in a music video?

British people are probably starting to get fed up to the back teeth of Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World, but it was a great bitter-sweet melancholic track. However, the original music video didn’t do the track any justice at all – it felt (and probably was) like it was done by a media student armed with a Commodore Amiga, a GenLock device and some boring stock footage.

The new video, done by that visual genius Michel Gondry, does a much better job, but the video still doesn’t come close to matching the feel that the song gives, when you’re just listening to the vocal and the piano.

Given my earlier post about emotion in visual effects etc., has there been a music video where the visuals can almost substitute for the music in terms of emotional mood?

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  • jibberjabber25

    well, yes, to your question. In my opinion, Hazard by Richard Marx. To me the video just magnifies all of the emotions of when you listen to the song.

    To me, anyway, lol.

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