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No wonder the British are declining…

No wonder the British are declining…

I’m just watching BBC Question Time | 17 June 2004 and it’s highly depressing to see the British politicians weakly trying to make political points against a very forceful Dick Morris (special advisor to Bill Clinton for 20 years), by basically asking why an American should be trying to persuade British voters to leave the EU. And Dick ignores them and basically wipes the floor against their weakfulness with some very forceful arguments.

It took an Australian (admittedly Germaine Greer) to call Dick Morris’s statements about the UKIP, and expose them for the Nazi-esque cry of “we need living space!!!!” that they were.

Although it’s also a shame that the Cardiff audience seemed to be equally obsessed with spotting any superior-English comments, even from Germaine Greer who took great pains in reminding the panel they were in Wales. And instead, an audience member decided to correct her about the Welsh flag issue, instead of concentrating on the central issue being debated.

Watch the stream. The fun starts about 15 minutes in. (Needs real Player)

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