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Why I'm not going to see Farenheit 9/11

Why I'm not going to see Farenheit 9/11

I’m not going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 for one very simple basic reason – it’s just going to depress me even more about the state of the world.

It’s the same reason I never “got round” to seeing Bowling For Columbine. I’m reasonably convinced for the need of some kind of gun reform — although going to the lengths the UK went to after the Dunblaine massacre is something I’m queasy about. So there’s no particularly real reason for me to watch it – and since it’s not something I can do anything about, there’s no real point.

Ditto with Farenheit 9/11. I’m personally convinced that to make America and the world a safer more united place, George Bush Jnr. needs to be voted out in November. Watching 90 minutes of more reasons why this needs to happen isn’t exactly my idea of entertainment, although the film definitely ought to be made.

However, making the film is one thing. Getting the people who ought to see it – Bush voters – is another matter. Even if you do get them into the cinema, they’re not going to listen to the film – they’ll dismiss it as liberal non-American-funded propaganda and might as well stick their fingers in their ears and go neah neah neah.

So it’s not going to work. *sigh*


  • "stick their fingers in their ears and go neah neah neah."

    Isn't that just the usual US foreign policy when anyone says anything they disagree with?

  • Seems to be. Which is a shame since it's them who ought to watch the film. Not that it'll change their mind

    Or even (and here's the more dreadful thought) – they know what they're doing. They know how harmful US foreign policy is to the rest of the world. And they don't even care. Bloody isolationist movement.

  • Neah neah neah…oh, sorry.

    I mean, go see the film! It will at least
    give Mr. Moore more fundage to go around
    Washington in an ice cream truck (even if
    ineffectual, this is humorous and therefore

  • >they'll dismiss it as liberal
    >non-American-funded propaganda

    Wow, exactly what I've been saying for, hmm, 2 years now.

    Winning the Palm d'Or was probably not a good idea, either, as that turned Americans off before the film even had a distributor.

    Using "hey, the French loved this, and you will too!" as a marketing ploy hasn't worked on any film, and for some strange reason I don't see it working on a film that trashes an American president, either.

    Shame, too, because Moore is the boldest and strongest voice against the Bush administration that we have.

  • Surely winning the Palme d'Or worked for Pulp Fiction?

  • Surely being a kick ass film worked for Pulp Fiction. The average moviegoer here doesn't care an ounce what happens at Cannes, except maybe what so-and-so wore to such-and-such.

  • Zach Minute

    I agree with all of your comments except your decline to see the movie. It is very funny and entertaining. If you truly don't like Bush you will find it hilarious. Bowling for Columbine isn't very depressing and you can fast forward anyway.

  • I don't think Bush is the problem. Yes, I think he's the puppet of a shadow government that could care less about people, and everything about money and power, that thrives on war ($$$). Without the influence of his cold, calculating parents and their friends, Bush might have grown up content to be just a regular guy hanging out on the ranch. Of course, that thought is irrelevant at this point in the game.

    I don't think Bush was just sitting there reading a book to kids, unable to figure out what to do. Any child would have jumped to their feet immediately upon being told America was being attacked. How about the idea that he was instructed to sit there (and not get in the way.) How about — this event (9/11) was not only known about beforehand, but was planned as a way to illicit fear and submission by the American public?

    Moore's movie is just the tip of the fascist iceberg.

  • bike_freeek

    im from DUNBLANE. have the decency to spell it right. and fahrenheit 9/11 is a real eye opener. so stop moaning and go and bloody see it. asshole

  • karen

    saw this film last week. i'm twenty years old and am completely independant working hard for everything i ever had. i'm irish. i want to apply for the presidents job. got me thinking about ireland. something must be done. who said that money dosen't buy happiness? bullshit! i am so sorry but i am open minded where is his defense? i want to know his side of things. lets get rid of the thugs and bullies in the world. philosophy rules political philosophy rules. look into it and watch that brave man's place because if they touch him or he dissapears then there will be civil war. vote for bush oh i'm white it seems to matter in the land of the free and the home of the brave. leave america and come to ireland. its a fabulous country with a corrupt government but hey. well done to the film makers. you have done your country proud in the fight against TERRORISM. please tell me im wrong somebody because people in ireland used to look up to americans and see them as wise and better to us! i cant believe i was such a bimbo. please i applaud the film makers i cant remember his name the imagery was so shocking at least we know he wasn't in it for the fame. i think he should be president. its up to the people of america to listen to their national anthem and wise up. please set me straight!!

  • karen

    sorry its karen again, who wrote whats next to this and where are you from? oh lulu is it i think yah? im not used to technology i dont trust it anymore but the time you sent that message is posted at 01:24am. tell me that is irish time or else tell me who is logical? it seems that you feel betrayed in order to email in at such an hour and if so you are right i feel betrayed and i dont even live there! does bush go to church? i want to see photographic dated evidence because he speaks of god alot. within an hour2 or else with american technology who knows what they make you believe. hes got me questioning God's existence. i am a firm believer in a supreme being DOES HE BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL? I HOPE NOT FOR HIS SAKE. dont worry bush your human we make mistakes God forgives everyone if they repent it says it in the bible. just step down because you have shamed your country. we need younger presidents who can think for themselves and who work. presidents should be kept in check. at least the media knows what its doing and makes us feel proud for once. well done!

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