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America's blankness

America's blankness | “America’s blankness”

“A professor explains why so many people around the world hate us (America) and what a post-Bush foreign policy might look like.

Interesting reading. Especially the implication for America’s “staunchest” allies ie the British and formerly the Spanish.

Choice quotes after the fold…

“… Even now, however, America’s critics continue to distinguish between the U.S. administration, which they fear and despise, and the American people, with whom they feel sympathy.

… America’s blankness about the downstream effects on other countries of its actions is without question one of the principal sources of anti-Americanism in Europe and elsewhere.

… The anti-American feelings now roiling many Europeans could, under the shock of a mass-casualty strike in France or Italy, easily yield to anti-Muslim rage … Let us all hope and pray that nothing of the sort transpires. But if it does, anti-Americanism may well be overshadowed by a more virulent and consequential strain of Western xenophobia. (patently not good news!)

… the almost messianic hopes that America’s traditional friends in Europe are now investing in John Kerry. This remarkable faith suggests, first of all, that residual pro-American feelings exist just beneath the surface in Europe.

… Iraqi democracy, even if we had been able to create it, probably would have been virulently anti-American and most certainly anti-Israeli. ”


  • Remember, kids! We didn't elect The Shrub.
    Er, Bush.

    Go see Fahrenheit 911!
    Thank you.

  • I'll go and see it if it gets a decent bloody release over here. Bowling for Comubine was on at *one* cinema within 100 miles of me. On two non-consecutive Wednesday afternoons.

    Mind, seeing Donnie Darko would have meant a drive to Cambridge or Edinburgh for the nearest screening.

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