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Forget speed dating – go to cuddle parties ?!

Forget speed dating – go to cuddle parties ?!

Only in New York (well, touch wood erm… perhaps the wrong adjective) would you get cuddle parties (as described by’s Grant Stoddard). By the sounds of it, it’s an orgy sans nudeness or sex. Everyone’s encouraged to cuddle anyone, but dry humping (and any other form of sexual activity) is forbidden. Apparently. Indeed they have cuddle buddies you run to when you start feeling sexually aroused. They even give quick lessons on how to handle rejection – something I think I could do with.

What worries me more is the friend who sent this to me with an online smirk on her face. Does she think I’m that adventurous to cuddle a total stranger?

I remember (cue violins, mist blurring the camera) the summer of 1997, my first summer in London, when I arranged to meet Kirsty – an online friend from Australia newly arrived in London with a mutual interest in the Pet Shop Boys. As soon as she clapped eyes on me hovering outside the Empire in Leicester Square, she hugged me. Hard. A total stranger. I still haven’t quite recovered.

Having said that, given the rather tough time I’m having lately, a good old-fashioned hug doesn’t sound so bad.

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  • BIZARRE. You are, as ever, The Informer of
    the community.

    Gross. These parties sure seem to involve
    a lot of feet.

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