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Summer brings out the racists in Cardiff

Summer brings out the racists in Cardiff

Ahhh summer in Cardiff. Blue skies, blazing sunshine, and racist gits of teenagers trying to ruin my bike ride home after a long day at work “connecting with the community”. Oh, and shouting at me when I’m standing by a traffic crossing with my boss.

Yesterday’s effort involved a pack of 12-year-old girls shouting the usual crap at me as I’m cycling home. Still, they’re gonna have to go some to beat the swarm of teen thugs last summer who surrounded me on my bike, and tried to push me off the damn thing.

Not to mention the small fact I’m now on my 4th bike – the other three having been stolen in my 2.5 years in Cardiff.

For a capital city, Cardiff is amazingly pathetic when it comes to combatting things like this. Probably because the Cardiff gliterati are far more concerned with things like the glittering jewel of Cardiff Bay, Welsh nationalism and rubberstamping diversity (the “well, at least we’re being seen to do something about it when we’re not” mentality) to tackle the root causes of ineducation, boredom and thugdom.



  • What the hell is "the glittering jewel
    of Cardiff Bay"?

    I thought it was you.

    Is it like The Heart of the Ocean? Heh.

  • Want me to pop down and visit, Andy? I can borrow a bike, cycle a few yards behind you… Recently survived Anthrax and Offspring gigs and will be warming up more during Nuclear Assault, Slayer/Slipknot and at Leeds Fest.

    If I can last 90+ minutes in any given moshpit, I can beat the shit out of a bunch of kids who start fucking with one of my mates.

    Just ask…

    Oh… and "ug".

  • Saturn Returns

    Are you trying to say that there's anything the people who run Cardiff should be doing other than showing off their new £3000 cardigans at an 'ethnic awareness' evening (whites only, no riff-raff please) and wondering which quango to give a fat grant to next? Surely these are the boldest and most admirable people on the face of the Earth, who know and understand what to do with their publicly-funded schemes far better than us mere mortals possibly could. You see, life is really hard for them – a tiring endless round of comittees, of buffets, occasionally interrupted by some prole disturbing the peace. Cardiff is the Home of the Quango – no other city on Earth can boast so many, spending so much, making so much noise, and actually doing so little. So andrew… you do surprise me….

  • No offense, Saturn, but you've pretty much described *every* council in England and Wales (and Scotland, and most of the democratic Western world), not just the Cardiff ones.

    Got job. Got comfy. Sod everyone else.

    Bloody politicians.

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