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The confusion of domain names

The confusion of domain names

One of my domain names expired last month, which I’ve only just noticed.

But according to Netnames records, it still exists and is technically registered with the domain registrars I originally registered it with. Does that mean if I want to renew said domain, I need to go with them? I can’t seem to renew the domain name with another registrar, since according to Netnames it’s still registered with the original registrars.



  • I'd call the original registrars and find out what's the dilly-o. We renewed our name for 5 yrs. and some rat-bastid scam operation is trying to tell us it's expired. Ugh…you should even be able to move it to another host any time, even if it's not expired, right?

  • What Pisser said. I've moved domains in the past from one registrar to another. 1and1 are pretty good – always give you plenty of warning and the only one I've dealt with where I've actually received my certificates for all my domains.

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