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Failing the life assessment test

Failing the life assessment test

There’s nothing better than a brutal Life Assessment test (in which I scored 33 out of 100) to tell me that my life seriously sucks on pretty much all fronts. Except of course on the basic needs level, on which all is theoretically fine and dandy.

Strangely, this cloud of “oy vey”‘ness has also been hitting most of my local good single friends. Is there a negative zeitgeist in the air – even on a sunny day like this? – or is it just me?

Well, at least if I make my bed I can get an extra point.


  • Whew. I only had to read "your house is
    neat and tidy" and "your car is in good
    repair" and "you don't use caffeine" to
    know that I've flunked it.

  • Oh, I'm fine and dandy at the moment. 8 more people made redundant from our place with no warning and I'm not amongst them. So we're now apparently safe and secure finance-wise.

    Happy? Oh, yes. Really. Absolutely. Over the fecking moon.

    And looking desparately for another job where I won't be employed by a bunch of muppets who can be taken in hook, line and sinker by a corrupt MD using the company as his own personal expense account.

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