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Doing my democratic duty

Doing my democratic duty

Across Europe, we’re voting today on who to elect to the European Parliament, and Cardiff County Council.

So after a depressing day, I pop down to the local church to register my vote, and as I’m waiting for my vote, an elderly gentlemen walks in and bellows “HOW DO I VOTE?”

The cool-as-custard registrar, who’s probably seen it all before, asks for his name and address (to cross off the register). Said elderly gentlemen bellows “WHAT?”. This goes on for three or four rounds before the registrar leans into old man’s ear and bellows what he has to do.

Whereupon the old gent launches into a tirade about how he’s lived here for 4 years, and before that in somewhere else for 25 years, how he’s never been so disgusted in all his life, that Blair man is never getting his vote now, and how they’ll have to call his landlady.

The patient registrar points out that all he has to do is tell the registrar his name and address (not exactly the most sophisticated security manouevre it has to be said), which the old gent reluctantly does. Then he goes to the high-security voting booth while bellowing all the while that “that man Blair won’t be getting my vote”.

Hilarious – especially compared to the last time I voted, in a very dull and quiet Shepherds Bush primary school.

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