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Voice of a superpower…

Voice of a superpower…

An interesting idea – take the results of an opinion poll, and turn it into a Q&A of what the survey says.

And contrary to what’s hitting the headlines in Europe in a Bush-dominated America – strip-searching British journalists, obsessed over oil, terrorism and gung-ho over war, it gives the impression that the American public don’t actually see the Bush go-it-alone self-isolationist empire-building arch-corrupt-capitalist way as the great way. *phew*. Although the American public seem curiously well-informed about North Korea, if the poll is anything to go by.

Although it’s strange how the American public seem to be pro-war until the body bags show up. I mean, what do you think happens during wartime? People shout POW! ?

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  • Americans are used to shooting other people (anyone with a turban on, anyone with dark skin, anyone from Canada, the UK etc). They kind of eem to all invincible.

    Frankly, they strike me as a nation of kiddies. Everything's all gung-ho and flag-waving and fun and games until someone gets hurt. They don't seem to have grasped "consequences" yet.

    Apologies to any Americans reading this. I'm not targetting individuals as such, but the nation as a whole. It's just the impression I get.

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