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50 coolest song parts?

50 coolest song parts?

Strangely for a UK website, retrocrush’s list of the 50 coolest song parts seems dominated by American songs/tracks I haven’t heard. And their nomination of Phil Collins as no.1 seems strange. Plus of course, not even a mention of the Pet Shop Boys (synth chords kicking in on Always On My Mind), Erasure (that maddingly addictive riff on Love To Hate You), or the opening to Wax’s Bridge To Your Heart. I’m sure I can think up some more…


  • Andrew sent me a tape once.

    All I can say is, TECHNO.

    Woo. Although I think there was only one
    song on there I've ever heard in the U.S. But I have questionable taste.

    At least neither of us is German – worst
    music EVER.

  • I dunno. Germany gave us Sodom and erm… Hmm. OK. Fair do's. And they buy records by that guy out of Knight Rider. But only cos his surname sounds German.

  • Joe G

    Erm, Kraftwerk, anyone? Neu? Can? Get yourself some Krautrock right away. And David Hasselhoff's song Hot Shot City is particularly good.

  • For David Hasselhoff, you cannot beat his UK single "Crazy For You" complete with patented elbow-to-face dance move. Wouldn't call it a musical classic.

    And as for German pop, how about 99 Red Balloons? C'mon, people!

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