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Need a fashion expert!

Need a fashion expert!

After a lovely evening spent celebrating Mark and Emma’s wedding (and don’t they make a cute couple) I have determined that I need to get a new suit/jacket for the next two weddings I have scheduled (so far) this year.

I walked into some suit shop, and I immediately fell in love with a cream-coloured linen jacket with a Nehru (ie no) collar. Since I hardly ever fall in love with clothing of any sort, this is a major achievement.

However, it costs £180. And as a friend pointed out, cream-coloured suits are going to make me look fat.

Any fashion experts out there who can advise me differently?

Oh, and the wedding reception itself was great – time sped by like a motorbike.


  • I say fuck it. Wear what you like.

    Life is too short not to wear nehru.

    (What the hell is nehru? Is it like naugahyde?)

  • Oh, thank goodness. I was worried
    that a Nehru was some sort of dead animal.

    I say fuck it. Wear what you like.

  • Aw jeez. Sorry the comments
    jizzed out on me.

    On second thought, you've seen
    my animal print pants, so you
    should ignore anything I say
    on fashion.

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