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The new marriage system…

The new marriage system…

I can still vaguely remember the days when couples would meet via mutual friends, jobs, flats, university, or whatever. Now it looks like commercial web sites like eBay can now bring people together. How long before we start seeing marriages sponsored by or British Gas?


  • No kidding. I'm noticing now that people aren't ashamed of saying they met their spouse on…there's less of a stigma now.

    Hell, some of those dating services are damned pricey! Did you ever do the date-in-the-dark thing…?

  • I've met a few of my partners / girlfriends (and other "just friends") on the net. Some via contact sites, some through random emails. Never had a problem saying that's how I met them.

    Got some mates in London. They met online, not sure where though, but both sets of parents think they got talking in a coffee shop.

  • I remember at a panel discussing online dating at SXSW, they spent at least 10 mins discussing whether or not people should tell people that they met via online dating. So to some people there still seems to be a stigma.

    If online dating actually worked for me, and I met a partner on there, I'd say so I imagine. Then again, everyone thinks of me as el geeko anyway.

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