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The Day AFter Tomorrow – ecologically unsound?

The Day AFter Tomorrow – ecologically unsound?

Empire reporting on The Day After Tomorrow UK premiere: “by dint of the cunning application of acres of white carpeting and some soap foam falling snow, the chilling prospect of a new ice age was brought to life for the gathered crowds.”

I can’t help thinking and hoping that the soap foam falling snow was biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but somehow I imagine that wasn’ the case. And there don’t seem to be any stats on how many polysterene cups were used in the making of the film.


  • Snow is added by computer in 99% of those scenes. I know this, because I work for the effects house that did it. Something like soap (but not soap) is used in closeups only. It would be absurd to blanket a huge landscape (which is entirely CG also, by the way) with soap, when a computer can do it easier, cheaper, and more effectively.

    And I have never been on a movie set where I saw even a single styrofoam or polystyrene cup anywhere. The LA film industry is absurdly environmental.

    Again you have demonstrated wisdom beyond imagination. Nice work. Now go ahead and delete this post like all the others.

  • It'd help if you *read* posts instead of just launching insults.

    Read the post more carefully, and I think you'll find I was referring to the UK movie premiere, not the actual film.

    And I've been on a few film sets in my time, and there were polysterene cups everywhere. So if you're right, what do LA film crews hold their coffee in? Flasks?

  • Andrew's right. I have worked on 4,000 sets and I have never been offered anything other than a disposable cup. I think I might have used real plates before, but who would pay to have all those cups washed on location?!

  • "And there don't seem to be any stats on how many polysterene cups were used in the making of the film."

    Hmm… did you say "premier" or "film"?

  • S0mebody

    And "The Day After Tomorrow" wasn't a UK production. In LA, we hold our coffee in paper cups.

  • sammy

    That's funny. Apparently someone has never been to la or you'd know how environmentally crazy la people are lol. styrofoam cups are like kryptonite to californians. lol i think someone needs to get out of cardiff more.

  • karen

    sorry guys farenheiht 9/11 gets every award. this film gets you thinking it is possible but it wont happen for years lets get our priorities straight and free our country from terrorism first, before we tackle the environment! freedom of speech rules!! from a young irish girl's point of view america is a funny country. i have never been. heard it's amazing. think i want to visit afghanistan now, feck america! sorry to be so mean maybe its the fact we drink too much guinness and chill out here and think and get walked all over, maybe its because we see the greatest wealthiest country in the world(so ive been told?)and how the wealthiest people work too hard and not look around? i'm delighted our economy is "fucked up" ahey bertie hows the helicopter? anyone ever ask who the pilot was? how much did he get paid? i want his job. you guys aren't better than us. i just am a coward. we all are! all of us meaning honest people!

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