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Should men pay for everything on a date?

Should men pay for everything on a date?

I was talking to a friend online, who basically told me she expected the man to pay for all the dates. Her reasoning? That was apparently the role of a man – to pay for dinner etc., be “the man” outside, and that was just how she was raised. In return, she’d buy fine wines etc. and entertain at home …

I can’t quite begin to quite comprehend this state of affairs – on the very few dates I’ve had, I’ve paid for one, she’s paid for another date etc. — not quite equal but equal enough. Then again, I patently haven’t had many dates…

What do you think?


  • I think it's down to the couple. I've been out with a few people over the years and the "arrangements" have varied greatly. Generally, though, it seems that women in my experience pay for what they can.

    I've been with one lass who was almost offended if I insisted in paying for everything, so we reached the "going dutch" or "alternating payment" methods. Other times I've been out with people who are studying or unemployed when I'm working so I don't mind paying – they'd make up for it as and when they could afford.

    But on the whole, I've found it quite "tit for tat".

  • Vanessa turl

    I always expect the guy to pay on the first date. In fact – I offer to leave the tip, as a test. If he allows me to – That's the first and last date. I just feel that it's important to me that I find a true gentleman. Paying for the woman, opening doors, standing when the woman returns to the table, bringing flowers, compliments – are all signs of being a gentleman. If the date blossoms into a relationship – I pay at least 40% of the time. Afterall he's not made of money!

    • forget about true gentlemen, how about you being true human being. Unless your not earning or earning far less than him, there is absolutely nothing wrong in you paying 50% of the time or otherwise splitting into equal. Why he alone should be burdened, when you are also enjoying, having good time.

      Money sure doesn't grow on trees, True Gentlemen would work really hard to earn every penny, he would also want to spend on things he likes or dreamed from childhood other than dating you.

      Don't consider it as money but his result of hard work/ efforts at his work, 5 days a week. his share of dreams/things he love to spend/things he love to have.

      Opening Doors, Standing is a respect in the highest regard. If you are able to really impress the guy, then he will probably do it. But don't bring equation of money into the love, romance, relationship.

      To be frank, if your really into an relationship, it simply doesn't matter who pays, But its a persons basic "moral n ethical, your self image" that should tell you that you should pay your half because money ain't growing on trees,

  • conzoo

    Look, of course I don't want to always pay for my girlfriend. Things can get expensive. But I don't get to pick. I know that there are guys out there that would do anything in the world for a chance with her and i want her to know she's taken care of. If she offers, I'll still pay. She can do nice things when she wants to here and there, but I have a job, and I can afford to take her out. You can say that roles have changed, but I'd feel like a chump asking to have the bill split between us and having her pay for our tab, and you can't say that isn't true. It IS our role, like it or not. I like it. I feel good doing things for her and taking care of her. She's always doing little sweet things for me and as a guy, I can't do the same things back to her, so I take her out in return. I take care of her that way and she takes care of me her way. It evens out, believe me. And it makes her feel good knowing I enjoy doing what I can. And when I can't take her our, I can always rent a movie and buy a bottle of wine…

  • I think guys should pay for everything, as long as its a date. its like showing you he can afford to take you out.

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