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Are things in Bradford this bad?

Are things in Bradford this bad?

BBC NEWS | Channel 4 has pulled a documentary about social workers in Bradford from its schedule after police warned it could increase racial tension.

And to think I went to University there. Although the only racial abuse I had there were from the ‘Asian trash’, as opposed to the ‘white trash’ here in Cardiff. Ah well, trash is trash I guess.


  • I won't waffle, Andy. In a word:



  • I can't possibly imagine Asian trash. There is no way it could ever be as trashy as white trash.
    You should see my relatives…*shudder*

  • Pisser – don't forget that over here our definition of Asian is actually incorrect as opposed to yours (which makes a change). To your nation, Andy's Asian. To us, he's Chinese (as is anyone from Japan, Korea or any other similar nation).

    Asian, to us, means Indian, Pakistani and so forth. And trust me, they can be as trashy as any White Trash. If you ever visit, get Andy to bring you to Bradford and show you where he lived when he was at uni.

    Kindly note, I'm not being racist *sigh*. Everything I say can be backed up by a 30 minute tour of Great Horton – and I *did* agree that White Trash also exist, just that other races are also capable of being scum just as we white folk are.

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