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We hate it when our music becomes successful

We hate it when our music becomes successful

For ages, I’ve been holding close to my ample bosom an excellent song called Strict Machine by Goldfrapp. Throbbing electro beats, ethereal vocals, a lyric that’s just begging to be repurposed for an iPod or electricity commerical. It even makes a passable ringtone. Plus, as it’s barely charted, it’s a secret between me, fellow musical geniuses in the office and others around me.

Potentially not any more. It’s scraped into the top 20, and while that is a good thing does this mean I’m no longer obscurely cool ?


  • Dave the salmon

    I think you underestimate how many people own the Black Cherry album. Although the singles didn’t chart highly, it’s been a slow burner for ages.

  • Just wait 'til I become mainstream, baby.

    BWAHAHA! The only "stream" I'm mainlining is a stream of cat pee.

  • No longer obscurely cool? When *were* you obscurely cool? Oh, or that's the clever bit. So obscure I didn't notice!

    Iain (so obscurely cool even he's not noticed himself)

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