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What is the point in airhorns?

What is the point in airhorns?

It’s probably my fault for living right next to the ruddy Millennium Stadium – but this morning, I was woken up to the sound of 10,000 airhorns intermittently going off, thanks to today’s delegation of shouting cheering rugby/football fans in their obnoxiously loud colourful shirts, eating stale hamburgers and cheering everytime an airhorn goes off.

Having to go into town, I time it for when everyone’s inside the stadium singing the national anthem, but of course my return is timed for just when everyone’s leaving the stadium. And blowing their air horns in a rhythmless toneless manner.

Just what is the point in airhorns? They don’t make a melody, they don’t sound any different to the opposition – all they do is deafen passers-by who aren’t themselves blowing an airhorn!

Ban them. Now.


  • The stewards ar St James' Park are killjoys. I've heard one guy use an airhornfrom a seat not that far from mine in the four years I've had a season ticket. The steward marched up and took it off him.

    Frankly, the atmosphere for our home games has – on the whole – stunk for the last few seasons. One person tries to liven it up and he gets told off.

    If you think airhorms are bad, pity the poor Portsmouth supporters who have to put up with some wanker who plays (very badly) on out-of-tune bugle at all their matches. Home and away. I was ready to kill him by half time when they visited us.

  • Evil, evil invention invented by a deaf person. Fight the power!

    Also, move. Soon.

  • Are you a complete fool? You can keep your electronic 'simulations', airhorns are here to stay.

    Grow up.

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