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Losing my religion?

Losing my religion?

My flatmate comes back from Cardiff Central station to tell me that he literally bumped into Dougray Scott and Jennifer Love Hewitt (she of the ever fluctuating bosom). Doing a bit of research, we conclude they’re filming the final scene to forthcoming romantic comedy The Truth About Love, which has apparently been filming around Bristol for ages.

And I can’t find the enthusiasm to put on my shoes, get my digicam and walk 10 minutes down the road. And heaven knows I should. But I can’t be bothered.

That feeling, more than anything else, makes me realise how old and jaded I’ve become. The 20-year-old version of me would be running down there, and no doubt being escorted off the premises by security guards.

Hell, I paid US$40 for a tour around the Warner Bros. studios lot less than two months ago – and I was talking in the office about how we ought to be supporting British film. Although it’s hard to get excited about a romantic comedy set in Bristol.

But usually I am such a location git – my heart will jump throughout Richard Curtis’s films because I’ve been to (or worked near) most of the London locations he uses for his film. And I say to myself “I’ve been there”, as if that’s a massive feat of engineering.


  • Colin McRae's mudflaps

    Are you the sort of sad person that collects autographs too? Does your life feel a little bit less hollow if it’s been touched by a ‘celebrity’?

  • Good for you. I don't understand "Love".
    She looks even more like an inflated weasel than I do. Me no get.

  • I mean, a blow-up weasel. That's what she is.

  • Saturn

    aha! I saw a bunch of swanky (actually, you can drop the S on that word) film-technician-types with London attitudes and floppy hair pushing people around and demanding cabbies / the public move their cars at the station last Thursday evening, while setting up lights of comically large proportions (and, for some reason, inflatable toy airships).
    The mystery is solved! You probably didn't miss anything – both those actors are rubbish.

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