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Is Cardiff more violent than London?

Is Cardiff more violent than London?

I’ve just walked back from Cardiff City Centre, and saw the new nightbus service they’re running in Cardiff. All of them with security guards on each bus.

I’m sure everyone’s going to applaud it, it makes our streets safer, it makes the passengers feel safer – but fer goodness sake, London doesn’t have any security guards on their buses. Or their tubes. Are we really implying that Cardiff is so much riskier as a night-out option that we have to employ security guards to ensure the safety of the passengers?

Then again, in a city where a drunk man in his underpants smashes through 43 shop windows and my 3rd Cardiff bike gets stolen from outside my flat on New Years’ Day. Then again, my second bike was stolen from *inside* my flat…


  • I think so.. I rarely go out in Cardiff on the weekends as you just get shit from groups of lads in fighting shirts.. but in London I feel totally safe.

    I cant wait to move out of Cardiff!

  • Item One: Guy in his underpants runs through the courtyard of my old bldg., shouting “I HAVE NO PANTS!” at apalling hour

    Item Two: Drunk guy used to live where I live now. He apparently would forget where *he* lived and crash into the neighbors’ at 4 a.m. He was evicted. I hope he doesn’t forget where he lives now, because they haven’t changed my locks.

    In light of that, feel free to come stay with me anytime.

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