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Perks of being a US soldier

Perks of being a US soldier

ok, so the world may (sometimes unfairly) cast you as a lazy sheltered dumb idiot who can’t shoot straight. Maybe some elements of the world see you as an imperial force there to be attacked. Maybe you’re scared and frightened of dealing with strange foreign folk miles away from your mom and apple pie. Maybe you’ll have to go into therapy for years for the memories of seeing your colleagues killed, or for having to kill civillians.

But at least you get as much sex as you want from this organisation.

Where do I sign up?


  • When I clicked on that link I got "Service Unavailable". DANG! Is it because I'm not military…?

  • It certainly doesn't look good for the horny guys who aren't in the military. I'm assuming that all these bloggers are expressing an interest in military service because it's going to be a lot harder to get casual sex in bars without a uniform now. I mean, why have sex with some ordinary schmuck when you can take one for the country!

  • It would be hard to miss the irony of your post, let me assure you. Thanks for responding, though. I'm really not sure if it's a joke or not. It's happened before, and I woudln't be surprised that it continues (check out for the "social history"). Tell me what you think about it if you want. The girls that supposedly started it had an interview on the radio. In any case, if they are trying to be discreet about their "operation", they're certainly not doing a great job of it.

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