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Is being fat that bad?

Is being fat that bad?

According to the public health establishment’s current BMI definitions, Brad Pitt, Michael Jordan and Mel Gibson are all “overweight” – at least according to Paul Cosmos.

Other interesting points he makes:

“In almost all large-scale epidemiological studies, little or no correlation between weight and health can be found for a large majority of the population”

There are also other great points about how the “obesity” phenonmenon is driven by pharmaceutical companies who have discovered a great way of selling products that don’t actually do anything, how obesity taps into the American desire to despise something/anything, and the difference between white and non-white Americans in terms of what they deem to be the body beautiful – and how “they” are trying to change said attitudes.

Interesting read. While drinking your de-caff low-sugar latte (ie water with a bit of dirt mixed in).

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