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Have I fallen for a hoax?

Have I fallen for a hoax?

overstated is complaining that Hot Abercrombie Chick is nothing more than an unemployed man posting, using his girlfriend’s picture to garner attention and presumably take over the blogerati world (mwa ha ha ha).

I’ve linked to her on my blogroll, but mainly because she asked to be linked and has made vaguely interesting comments on my blog. Call me weird and not the heterosexual norm, but I don’t find her particularly attractive. Quite generic in a “cute college” kind of way, but the picture doesn’t really float my boat.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see what happens out of all this. Bloggers dissing bloggers. It’s just like high school!


  • Frankie the worm

    She’s quite attractive here.

    Still, isn’t this all a bit sad? The blog in question is hardly a Belle Du Jour, and the writing’s asexual enough for the hotness of the girl in question not to be an issue. You bloggers should get a hobby that takes you away from your computers. It strikes me as something truly tragic that someone wants to raise their profile in the ‘blogosphere’, but even more tragic that others care enough to unmask them. Time, then, I stopped wasting my energy writing about it!

  • You’ve been gamed newb – H3 Ownz Joo… LOL!

    What do you mean you don’t fancy her – she’s breathing in’t she?

  • Uch! .. she’s as bland as bland can be .. sorry .. *slopes off*

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