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12 years to go before I get happy…

12 years to go before I get happy…

Cheerful thought for the day – I’ve got 12 years to go before I give up on being “somebody”…

Observer: On the trail of happiness

“‘People start out in life pretty certain that they’re going to end up like David Beckham or win the Nobel Prize,’ says Andrew Oswald, an economist at Warwick University.

‘Then, after a few years, they discover it’s quite tough out there – not just in their careers, but in life. Unsurprisingly, their happiness drops.’ The good news is that the downer doesn’t last. According to Oswald, if you trace the trajectory of most peoples’ happiness over time it resembles a J-curve. People typically record high satisfaction levels in their early twenties. These then fall steadily towards middle age, before troughing at around 42.

Most of us then grow steadily happier as we get older, with those in their sixties expressing the highest satisfaction levels of all – as long, that is, as they stay healthy.”

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