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Is this worksafe?

Is this worksafe?

My mate sent me this cartoon image of a fox “cuddling” a dog (as Iain put it), declaring it to be worksafe. I’m no prude but I somehow doubt it’s worksafe. What do you think?


  • Certainly not for me. Damn Catholic Hospital System.

    Being held down by the man,

  • Oh, come on – no graphic nudity or extreme violence or swearing. It's only a dog in a beartrap being buggered by a fox…

  • I thought that in Catholic Hospitals, being held down by the man was part of the initiation ceremony 😉

  • He's just trying to pull the dog out of the trap.. right? 😉

  • I think that should be the new IRS logo.

  • Initiation process: No. Healing process: of course.

    I myself, not being Catholic, have always found some of the activites around the hospital a little off. Take for instance, February 3rd. 02/03 is reserved for the Feast of Saint Blaise, or the Patron Saint of sore throat sufferers, wool combers, and waxchandlers. Umm, ok. Nothing is more odd than it being announced over the loud speaker to come on down to such and such room to have your throat blessed. I wonder if porn stars get their throats blessed.

    Pondering the "bigger" things in life,

  • I imagine the hetero male porn stars don't need to get their throat blessed, but everyone else does.

    Then again, it can be argued that since they don't actually need to "work" that hard (at least the good reknown ones) – not many lines to remember, no clothing budget, skills already acquired along their life journey – they're blessed anyway.

    What other Catholic saints are there?

  • I personally enjoy this list of Saints, listed by their topic of patronage.

    Check out the "against" listings. Caterpillars, gout, fainting, diseased cattle….they got it all covered. They are like the Justice League, sans the figure flattering tights.

    Oh…btw, the hetero male porn star is aided by Alban of Mainz, Catald, Conrad of Piacenza, Cosmas, Damian, Drogo, and good ole Gummarus….as they all list "hernia" in their list of turn offs.

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