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Why I should never touch my PC again

Why I should never touch my PC again

I’ve broken my PC. For the third time.

I’d gotten some new RAM and a hard drive, installed it all fine and was just merrily transferring data across when my computer just froze. And it now refuses to boot up – or send a signal to the monitor. So its’ either the RAM, the motherboard, or the graphics card.

And the last time I took it to a repair shop, I got sold a (in hindsight) terrible motherboard and case, so I’m loathe to go back down that road again.

So until I can figure it out or get a mate, I’m left bereft without my PC. So I’ve only got my 200+ channel cable TV, my X-Box, my Playstation 2 or my phone to entertain me.

What on earth am I going to do? ‘spose I could start spring cleaning…


  • Andy, get yer arse and yer PC up here and I'll have a tinker. With the PC. Not your arse. Foreign territory and it *stays* that way.

  • See why I don't let you "improve upon" my computer when you visit?

  • lol I have the same problem when something like this happnes that's why I got two video card installed! One from the onboard and one from my sweet Nvidia.

    I enjoyed your blog keep on blogging.

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