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Eliza, meet the chicken

Eliza, meet the chicken

Subservient Chicken – a surprisingly robust website where you can tell a man in a chicken outfit to do just about everything. With hilarious, and sometimes scary as f**k consequences.

Get it to:
dry hump the sofa
come towards the camera (the stuff of nightmares!)


  • tried to get him to take his mask off but he gave me a scolding with his finger what a saddo he is, or is that me for looking at it

  • Hi there 🙂

    Apparently, my request of "sit in the chair, Sharon Stone style" was not in his database of things to do…as he merely roosted.

    I feel cheated, in some strange, sad way.


  • That thing is weird, and and has a very frightening face… I love it:)

  • He did The Hokey Pokey and The Electric Slide for me. When I told him to "masturbate", he considerately left the room and returned. I think I might date him.

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