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Random American moments

Random American moments

Security at American airports

I know it’s become derigeur to bitterly complain that the TSA are targetting “me” (me being anyone who’s not white, or known to be left-wing) when going through security checkpoints in the USA, but seriously, I think they are targetting me.

So far in this trip, I’ve taken 5 flights. And on 3 of them, I’ve been singled out “randomly” to have my luggage searched through, my feet scanned or my bags wiped with a chemical detecting thing. And obviously, nothing was found.

Interestingly, I was walking behind an Arab/Hispanic-looking bloke at Phoenix Airport this morning – not that unusual. Except two American soldiers walked smartly next to him, and asked him to step aside for a few minutes. From what I could gather, they asked him a few Qs, asked him to show his travel documents, and then he rejoined the line eventually. But I haven’t seen them do that to anyone else.

Bloody Chinese Christians

There I am, shopping for tacky souvenirs in San Francisco. I find two suitably tacky and cheap keyrings, and go up to the Chinese guy at the counter to pay for them. And as I give him the money, he says “Jesus Christ blesses you”. In a suitably Chinese-esque accent which I can recreate on request.

Maybe it’s just me, but one of the few bonuses about being Chinese in a Western democracy is that most Christian worshippers don’t bother trying to convert me or use similar phrases like that. I thought I had a “I don’t have a religion – get me out of here” card. Alas, not in San Francisco it seems.

Then again, it’s slightly weird walking around in an American city full of Chinese people (and sticking out like a sore thumb, small Chinese women with huge tall American men. Bit like my sister and her boyfriend). Alas, the trouble is that the elderly women keep coming up to me and asking me to help them out at the metro system – but in Chinese, so I have to respond in my very broken Cantonese. Which doesn’t help.


  • Im to dumb to understand this.Ive gone mad…….ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.Anyways why do the U.S.reteraunts try to make mexican food when it doesnt even taste like it.Trust me I should know Im the gordita…it means fat if you order one you are practicly saying ill have a fat girl.Im so lame.

  • This is hilarious. I want to hear your imitation
    of the Chinese Christian! Maybe you can post it
    via Audio Blog…

  • I agree, I'd like to hear it.

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