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Someone else's idea of what I did in Los Angeles

Someone else's idea of what I did in Los Angeles

There’s me thinking I had a lovely time with Pissed Kitty, her driving me around glamorous if somewhat smoggy Los Angeles, looking for crazy billboards and dealing with her fantastic car and her lifestyle.

But according to her, I was just obsessed with rice. To which my only defence is that she never took me to any obviously Tex-Mex-Californian restaurants. And for some bizarre reason it’s not really firing my engines out here – which is ironic considering how much time I’ve spent at Las Iguanas in Cardiff eating horribly expensive and not nice Tex-Mex food.

Folks, you decide… I really ought to find some time to blog my adventures sometime. Suffice to say – weird hotels, a Warner Bros. VIP tour which was much worse and glitzy than my previous experience, everyone is a wannabe-actor/actress (without the wherewithall to get their 8×10″ portfolios though) and WHAT ON EARTH HAVE THEY DONE WITH HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD? It was a cheesy tacky fest before but now it’s an overtly commercialized cheesy tackfest designed to try and sell glamour in an area which doesn’t have any, and they’ve built a bloody shopping mall behind Mann’s Chinese Theatre. And a shopping mall that appears to have hosted this year’s Oscars ceremony, of all things. Oh, and Los Angeles buses suck the big one.

(And if any of you are wondering how she gets her strange ideas about all things English, we first “met” years ago when I was compiling The Young Ones FAQ).

And it’s scary how many of these URLs I can quote off my memory when I’m ostensibly on holiday.


  • Andrew would still manage to find
    Mexican rice if given Tex-Mex, but
    99% of Mexican food in California is
    shit. And I forgot to warn him not to
    get any in Phoenix, either. Damn!

  • He's right, you know. Hollywood has
    been turned into a mall and relocated
    to Universal Studios Citywalk. Ick.

    P.S. I bet he pronouces "Las Iguanas" like
    this: ig-yoo-ah-nas. Heh.

  • You want good Mexican food, go to Texas.

  • Im to dumb to understand this.Ive gone mad………ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.anyways about that mexican food.WHY do the us people try to make mexican food when it doesnt even taste like it?Ishould know…Im mexican.And they also have the weirdest names too like gordita…that means fat girl.So called"Mexican resturants"W.T.F!!!!!!!!!(what the fuck

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