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We hate it when our friends become successful

We hate it when our friends become successful

Here I am, sunning myself in a cafe in San Francisco, supping on an ice-cold coffee, when I reach over for a freebie magazine, and note with shock that former colleague (well, I received his emails every week at and stuck it up on a website, and once went to a house party of his somewhere in North London when he was a student) Danny Wallace is also in San Francisco, promoting his new book/cult, Join Me.

Then I go and check my email and see that my former British-Chinese comedy compatriots (see the full story here) are doing a BBC3 one-off sketch show entitled Sweet n Sour (on BBC3, Tuesday, 23rd March, 11pm, 1.35am and 3.40am).

Naturally, I’m pleased for them all and wish them the best of luck – but being that this is my blog, I shall bleat on instead about what on earth am I doing with my life, bumming around in San Francisco and wondering what i’m doing with my life instead of working on that book/film/sketch show. Is it better to have tried and failed, than never to have tried at all?

I’ve wanted an audience for my “work”, whatever I’ve done, and as a result probably never had the patience to sit there patiently cooking something that people might actually want. And thus here I am, watching my friends/colleagues getting their 20 minutes of fame. And probably more.


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