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So the new Doctor is …

So the new Doctor is …

Christopher Eccleston. Which I apparently predicted, according to lazyllama.

Without meaning to be one of those harpy carpy folk who go on about how it should be Eddie Izzard, Richard E. Grant or Tony Blair, it’ll be interesting to see how Eccleston does it. The other Doctor Whos have always seemed, to my head at least, to be upper/middle-class – certainly posh, and quirky / eccentric / plain weird. Read Tom Baker’s excellent autobiography for proof of this.

Christopher Eccleston is a fine great actor, and I’ve admired his work in Shallow Grave, The Second Coming – but NOT Gone In Sixty Seconds. He’s always struck me as a Method-esque actor who creates the character as written. Whereas the Doctor has always struck me as a rather empty canvas onto which the actor pours a lot of himself in, but in a quirky manner.

Then again, of course, Russell T. Davies and Mr. Ecclestone have worked together numerous times, so I’m sure they know each other like the back of their hands. And a Mancunian working class Doctor would be very very interesting. We might even see him on anti-war demos.

I would do more research on Eccleston – but you know what, I’m on holiday, it’s 90 degrees Farenheit in San Francisco, it’s sunny and it’s time to get out there for more sight seeing 😀

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