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Reliving the heady dotcom days

Reliving the heady dotcom days

The afternoon of Day III at SXSW promised two panels on webTV and episodic content – items right up my street which I thought would be really relevant to work. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent it was aimed at encouraging animators to create online comic strips / webisodes within an online medium – and when the second panel deviated into a “How to use Flash” I had to leave before I started strangling and shouting at people. Although there was some moderately amusing webisodic content shown.

Then onwards to the Blogger party. Since I don’t even use Blogger, I wasn’t going to go but at least two friends of mine – hello Pissed Kitty of Los Angeles and mosher of Bradford – begged me to get them the free T-shirt on offer.

What they hadn’t mentioned was that it was an open bar as well for 90 minutes. And for those 90 minutes it was dotcom boom nostalgia – free drinks, free food, free T-shirts – and trying to strike up random dotcom conversations with random strangers.

If it wasn’t for the fact they pretty much all manifestly knew each other – blogging being an extremely closed “I’m hip and cool” community, were native Austinites looking for The Darkness or were long-time conference delegates – then it would have been perfect. But certainly at the dotcom London parties I used to vaguely attend there would have been someone I would have vaguely recognised. Or certainly they’d be more interested in the BBC instead of writing it off as a non-American non-commercial organisation so therefore of no remote interest to their life. Commerce seems to be key to everything here.

Still, struck up a conversation with someone trying to monetize RSS feeds (hah! Good luck! Even I can’t quite get the point of RSS feeds) and an accessability dude from the W3C. It never occured to me that people are actually paid to work for the W3C. And it proved that I’m not instantly repulsive to people – it takes about 10 minutes 😉

I even got muchos muchos T-shirts. Might even flog one on eBay.

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  • Thanks for the T-shirt! I hope it's a XXX large! Oh, and that's a relief, because I can't get my RSS feed to work. Hey, I'm a native Austinite, so you do know a local. We're friendly, goddamnit! Heh.

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