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Defeating convention fatigue with a taste of luxury

Defeating convention fatigue with a taste of luxury

It’s day 4 of SXSW and my body/mind were tiring of being pumped full of information, speculation and questions.

I’ve just been for a 5-min dip at the Hilton Austin outdoor pool – as you do – and it’s got to be the closest I’ll ever get to being a major Hollywood star. The pool is on the 8th floor, so there’s a fantastic view of downtown Austin – blur your eyes a little and you could be looking at the Los Angeles skyline. It’s a gorgeously sunny day so the sun is beaming out, you look up at the “grandeur” of the Hilton hotel itself.

Apparently, Austin-ites can get membership of the health club/pool for just $60 a month – which seems a bargain for a taste of Hollywood-esque luxury. Unless of course, everyone in America has an outdoor pool alongside their anti-terrorist gas mask.

Puts Fairwater Leisure CEntre – and hell, the Cardiff Marriott – to shame.

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