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Blogerati at SXSW (Day III)

Blogerati at SXSW (Day III)

So onward to the next panel: Blogging Next: Where Personal Publishing Goes From Here.

Which was the most entertaining and democratic panel session I’ve been to so far at SXSW, but still an amazingly exclusive one where the panel members knew half the audience by sight alone. For a notionally democratic inclusive process such as blogging, it felt a lot of the time as if there was a blogerati conversation going on, and us non-blogeratistas were pressed against the window, looking in.

URLs were being quoted ten a penny, and they were debating the age-old questions which essentially don’t have an answer. The topics got rather boggled down in who is reading blogs, what you want to do, who you want to read it and notions of trying to diversify the “blogosphere”.

There was a rather hare-brained idea from Anil Dash for handing gold-plated mobile phones to underrepresented and undereducated women in Saudi Arabia so they could blog, on the grounds that Saudi Arabian men don’t like gold. Wouldn’t that merely result in the religious fundamentalist police having even more of a reason to crack down on women with gold mobile phones? What would it achieve?

There was an interesting point raised on how most bloggers don’t want to reach the world, just their friends and family and only to a certain extent, and there was the idea of a blog that would restrict access to posts depending on who you are. Whereas I (and I presuppose people like Justin Hall) actually want to reach relative strangers, and not the people in the office or at home. Because they know it all anyway, so what possible benefit could they derive from this?

In the event, there was very little mention of the actual future of blogging, aside from a reference to future archiving. And it got bogged down to the same old debates over what is a blog, should it be called a blog etc. – and there was vague lip service to the reality that 95% of people don’t even know what one is.

Blogs are only here so that we can shout to each other and the world, surely? 😉 For those of us who feel we have something to say, goddamnit!

Anyway, I suddenly feel the need to go back to university and kick my brain into gear!

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