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The disaffected generation/social networking at SXSW (Day III)

The disaffected generation/social networking at SXSW (Day III)

The morning panel was on Urban Tribes and the Social Dark Matter that Bonds Us Together, which I hoped would be about the variety of urban tribes out there, how they inter-related with each other and the web. Alas, it was more or less a plug for the author’s book on how the “current” generation are not in fact disconnected from the world, but connected to each other via friendships, and how those bonds are slowly replacing the bonds that used to bind communities eg families, church, bowling alleys. And it also deviated to the point that the guy showed us pictures of his baby daughter.

He made some well-and-good points, but he came a cropper when he pretty much stated that Generation Disaffected were connecting to each other via (buzzword of the convention #1: Social networking) Friendster and things of that ilk.

Has anyone actually ever tried using Friendster? It doesn’t work. Just because I’m a friend of someone’s doesn’t automatically mean they’d want to make contact. Either that or I have no friends …

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