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Moments in America

Moments in America

So far, in two days of Austin, two (female) strangers have struck up completely random conversations with me in the SXSW escalator.

One woman – with blue and purple hair, as ya do – was petrified of being the first person on the escalator, so she let me go first and talked to me as we went down over her fears. She kept talking to the point when I almost let the feet shredder thing at the bottom … shred my feet.

And of course there were two SXSW volunteers who just exclaimed “We love your accent!”

It has to be said, customer service here is exemplary. People seem to have smiles on their faces, and are enjoying themselves on a Sunday. Maybe it’s because we’re at the Hilton of course, but I can’t help feeling that life over here is quite different. Of course it’s all superficial and about as genuine as a Bush desire to visit Mars, but right now I’m still in shock and awe I guess!

And the free pens here are just the icing on the cake.

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