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iPods – style over substance, but god-damnit, what style!

iPods – style over substance, but god-damnit, what style!

As anyone who’s been hanging around me will know for the last two weeks, I’ve been agonising – AGONISING – over whether to waste good old-fashioned dollars on an iPod, or a PDA/iPaq. In other words, whether to go for a well-designed, and trendy but hideously expensive way to listen to music – or to go for a market-price-led item that’ll be useful and allow me to maintain my contacts and calendar.

After a sweat-inducing moment at CompUSA and Circuit City, I walked away with an open-box 15Gig iPod for US$219 – which is a veritable bargain compared to UK prices.

Having loaded 4G of MP3s onto it, I have to say it’s quite possibly one of the coolest devices ever. Fundamentally useless unless you want to listen to music – but the music sounds great, syncing is a relative doddle and it just says use me. The only fault I’ve found so far is that the earphones crap out on a high volume – but I guess I just need to buy replacement earphones if I want that whiteness “Look at me! I have an iPod and am ultra cool – please mug me!” functionality.

A few questions:

What is the difference between a first-gen, second-gen and third-gen version of iPods, in terms of usability?

How do I link iTunes up with a blog?

There must be easier ways to sync it up with a calendar!

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  • As for linking iTunes up to a blog, try Kung-Tunes ( Are you on a Mac?

    I was at SXSW as well, but not sure if we met. If not, hello! I hope you had a good time. I've been there four times and I'll be the first to admit that the first year is a bit intimidating. Please come back next year if you can and say hello…

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