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The power of syncing your address book

The power of syncing your address book

Given my address book is hideously complex, I thought I’d try synchronizing it with an online database via Plaxo.

With the side effect that I now have the home address and phone number for the head of business development of a major multimedia conglomerate.

Isn’t that nice?


  • Just to be clear, in order for you to receive a person's information, two things must be true:

    1. you must already have their email address (at least) in your address book

    2. that person must make their contact info "public" OR explicitly give you permission to see it.

    Plaxo members control who gets to see their contact info. Let me know if you have any questions.


  • True. Although it's not exactly difficult to guess someone's work email address once you know their first name and surname – eg 😉

    The next question becomes whether Plaxo members are that aware of the implications. or, whether more likely, they care that much.

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