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I'm a judge!

I'm a judge!

In a slightly bizarre turn of events, I was asked to judge some nominated regional (ie Welsh) websites for a famous new media award tonight. Equivalent to the Oscars almost.

Alas, images of myself in some glittering soiree with champagne, canapes and chocolate-covered cocaine while discussing the fantastic range of Welsh websites on offer and their relative merits quickly died.

Instead, in an editing suite in a building somewhere, five of us dissected one broken website, one not-terribly-exciting DVD (which you had to turn over with alarming regularity) and one website that at least worked properly, as far as we could tell. Instead of champagne and canapes it was biscuits and coffee. My fellow jurors seemed equally perplexed as I was to why they were given this special honour.

Still, it was great fun and contextualised the work I do on websites, in terms of where our content stands in terms of quality and quantity in the Welsh public space. Which isn’t something you get to do very often. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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