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My Oscar high/lowlights

My Oscar high/lowlights


Sean Connery’s hammy-as-hell introduction. Imagine what he could do with Doctor Who!
Billy Crystal’s trailer – although not as funny as it could have been.
Michael Moore’s cameo in said trailer
The songs. Usually, I say why bother but it’s not too bad this time.
Jamie Lee Curtis. Still with the fine figure of Trading Places and proving that gravity isn’t always a bad thing.


Catherine Zeta Jones’ strange blend of American and South Walian. “Alec Ballllddddwin”…
Renee Zellweger. Can someone please tell me why she’s rated as an actress?
The dedication to the troops. Had to be done though, I s’pose – but why repeat it on the UK broadcast?
Charlize Theron. Way too much tan and blondage. I really must see Monster to reassure myself there is an actress in there somewhere. Oh yeah, and to see Christina Ricci as a sex goddess again.
Tobey Maguire is terribly lifeless at reading off an autocue.


  • I have a theory on the tannage/blondage/general golden-girl behavior on the blog. Yike.

  • Why replay teh tribute to the troops? It was a live broadcast you doltg!!

  • No way I loved the songs! especially the Lord of The Rings/My favourite things one. "More epic battles than Gest and Minnelli", Genius. but what about Will Ferrell and Jack Blacks song. I've never laughed so much un my life! I still havent stopped singing it. Get some funny looks on buses though, when i lapse into a hearty rendition! DEL TAAACCOOOOO!!!!!

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