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The Ultimate UK Pop Star is…

The Ultimate UK Pop Star is…

According to Channel 4’s Ultimate Pop Star (just on), the bestselling artists in the UK Singles Chart since 1952 is ….

no, it’s not the Beatles.
No, it’s not Elvis.
Not even Queen.
Or Elton John.
Or Eddie The Eagle.

It’s Cliff Richard.

Cliff Richard.

Cliff. Richard.

How on earth does this happen? To be fair, the guy has been around forever, and there’s been a smattering of good songs along the way. Mostly because they’ve been around for so long. I even recall my work colleagues swaying to Mistletoe & Wine at the Christmas party – although thankfully, my bah humbug persona kept me well out of those sways.

But even so.

Cliff. Richard.

He beat The Beatles. He beat Elvis. He even beat Take That.

How on earth does that happen?


  • Search me. Most of us ugly Americans don't even know who that is (and I only know from The Young Ones…)

  • Cliff beat them because he has sold more singles tha anyone else. I am glad he did win. He along with Tom JOnes has the best singing voice of any of the British male pop singers. I love him because he is a Christian and a nice man. He has good morals which I love the best about him. He also won because he deserved it. He can certainly sing better than Sting. I have nothing against Sting. I just don't think he has a good singing voice as Cliff.

  • Mike Bennett

    This doesn't surprise me. I just purchased the new album "Something goin on" it's the best album around. You can't stop this man and he'll probably be singing in his grave

  • Mark Bennett

    Go Cliff
    You are the best
    Love new album
    Something goin on

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