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My ideal-looking woman is…

My ideal-looking woman is…

My ideal women apparently
at least according to and their “scientific” test (needs Flash)

Which perversely seemed to mostly consist of taking standard photos of women in all shapes and sizes, and then swapping hair, eyes, noses, glasses etc. all around to determine what the ideal “type” is. Of course, the net effect is that some of the faces just didn’t fit right, which meant they didn’t get clicked on. Still, it’s an interesting example of computers manipulating graphics on the fly without any human input – and how they botch it up.

But alas, the woman in the photo is quite cute, if disturbingly mumsy. I half expect her to say that she’ll make me sandwiches and meet me after school for football practice.

As for what the computer concluded I liked, they said I liked “fiery redheads” (as if you can spot a fiery person from a dull photograph) and “pixies”. And then proceed to recommend that I should chat up some women from – who are, I suppose, redheads but mostly over 45 and generally repulsive. And I’m sure they’d adore me.

There’s nothing like a computer telling you that you’re weird to reassure you that you’re in the right society. “Interestingly, a lot of the features you liked are not especially popular. They’re not what usually defines ‘mainstream’ attractiveness for women. ”

Plus, only “about 18% are attracted to the same types you are” – which means I only need to fight off 18% of the single male populace. Erm….

I’ll tell you about the personality test some other time. Fortunately, yes, Scientology ™ be damned, I have one.


  • My test says I like "gems". Well, duh.
    The Hubbard-heads would be happy to remove your personality when you come to L.A.!

  • Frankie the badger

    Ah, but who *wouldn't* fancy that beautiful Asian girl?

    Hmmm. Now you've mentioned, doesn't it suggest to all your friends and colleagues that they can go and find your profile on it? 😉

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