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My father hates me…

My father hates me…

As if my life wasn’t bad enough…

my Dad lent me his car, and before he left he said something along the lines of he’d had new brake pads fixed.

For the last few weeks, there’s been some very strange noises every time I slow the car down. So I took it into the works garage today – and they inform me that the brake pad slipped, the discs went dolally and it’s now a veritable deathtrap and I’m very lucky I haven’t killed myself or anyone else.

And of course, it’ll cost at least £500 to get fixed. Plenty of money.


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  • Don't take it so hard…if he said he'd had the pads done recently, it shouldn't have happened. Maybe it's under warranty?

    I *didn't* get my pads checked, so instead of just replacing those, I got to pay for new rotors, calipers, whateverthehelltheyareiters, etc. – the works. And now my vacuum pump's out! Fuuuuuuuck…!

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