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What gets America up in arms?

What gets America up in arms?

There’s a war *still* on, soldiers and civillians are dying, Presidents are either lying or being lied to, and what gets Middle America standing up braying for blood? Justin Timberlake accidentally showing a bit of Janet’s breast. Really.

And it’s not as if it was the whole breast – the nipple was covered, fortunately. And it’s nothing you haven’t seen on album covers.

Call me a sick pervert who’s jaded by the sight of breasts (when I’m anything but, probably) – but what is the big deal here? It was an accident, they cut away quickly. So it gave 7 year olds a quick thrill and a moment which post-post-Gen-X comedians will joke about and refer to in 2024 – but otherwise, does it really matter?

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  • Whew…that was a good article.
    I need a cigarette (I don't smoke.)
    I totally agree that we Americans are just making ourselves more perverted by repressing things like boobs. It's no wonder most Californians have forgotten what a real boob is even supposed to look like.

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