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Who doesn't believe in the BBC?

Who doesn't believe in the BBC?

There’s a current blogging campaign so that people can say they support the BBC.

Aside from the fact they’re my employers, I do whole-heartedly support the BBC. I’ve always wanted to work for a media organisation that’s a slight cut above the rest, setting the standards (to a large extent) for the others to follow. Plus in an age of multi-nationalism and disunity, when families barely sit around the dinner table let alone the TV set, the BBC is one of the few things that can unite the UK on occasion. And it’s a darned good brand, that stands for decency, independence and giving people the facts, ma’am. And interesting stories, comedies and dramas to boot.

However, even with the latest drama, I don’t quite believe the BBC is under total threat – except on the odd occasion like a war something – which, it can be argued, is when we need an independent BBC the most. But the last week has shown that the BBC’s independence of the “government” is ultimately a mirage, and will always be so while we have the licence fee. But who’s to say that market forces would create a better animal?

The only people who are anti-BBC (IMHO) are right-wing fundamentalists who are determined that market forces are always right (when they’re mostly not). And while us left-wingers/whingers are constantly assaulted by the right-wing media and the constant Bush/Blair attacks, the battle to “save the BBC” is of slightly less importance. Then again, I guess getting rid of Bush/Blair is kinda impossible. 🙁

Anyway… Click here to find out why.

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  • You've reminded me that I lost the BBC badge in the recent move, will get it back this weekend.

    I strongly believe that the BBC is one of the very best things about the UK and I'm quite worried about potential threats to the license fee. I see too many Sky fans (watchers of the many Sky/C4 US imports) on forums wondering why we have to pay the license fee for "rubbish that no-one watches". I should set up a little cut and paste file for all the times I reply with a variation of "I happily pay the license fee for 24/7 Radio 4, it's worth every penny. And what about the national treasure that is the BBC Natural History unit?"

    I have a horrible feeling that one of the ways the government will make paying for ID cards more acceptable is to end the license fee.

    *steps off soap box, am preaching to the converted*


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