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Do Americans get irony?

Do Americans get irony?

Even the BBC says that Americans get irony. But it’d have been nice if they could give examples of American comedy that uses irony.

However, the stellar quote in this article is:

“Americans do get irony, but to them there’s a time and a place for it … Americans, and I include in this my mom, take themselves too seriously to appreciate irony in everyday conversation. They don’t have time for it.” – David Freeman, US comedy writer

Now can someone please explain irony to me? With examples?


  • From a 'merican:

    Ironing? Wha…?

    I don't get it.

  • I have to agree… working in America is difficult for us sarcastic Brits! I have to bite my tongue so many times because I know a) they won't laugh as they don't understand, or b) they work it out, like 10 seconds later, and the moment has passed and not funny anymore.

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