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The trouble with blogging…

The trouble with blogging…

I’ve now been blogging for about six months. And it’s rapidly getting me into a lot of potential trouble, because all my Cardiff friends have found it. My workmates, my friends etc. People who can come up to me and punch me, should they so wish to.

Indeed, at a New Years party, I was talking to a total stranger who at one point suddenly exclaimed “So YOU’RE badly dubbed boy!”. And then we later talked about a work colleague he tried to date – a work colleague I had hitherto been told was coupled up. It’s so annoying how in Cardiff it’s not six degrees of seperation, but three of the buggers.

This essentially means I can no longer rant and rave about the antics of myself or my friends or that annoying colleague who keeps hogging the printer, because they’ll read about it and before you know it I’ll be hauled before the Great Devil of Cardiff and asked to answer for my crimes. Or just punched in the mouth.

And it’s my unfortunate perception that those ranty ravey postings about my life and the ineptitude and melodrama of those around me, and my forlorn crushes on people close but far away, are precisely the ones that people take a perverse interest in.

So without those postings I’m left to rant and rave about events that involve me and me alone, and I can’t go into detail about what’s going on in my head. Which is most unfortunate and unlikely to fascinate anyone.

What is a boy to do ? Suggestions, please!


  • Well, there's always the chance in hell the annoying copy guy could stop hogging the copier when he reads about what a pig he's been…

    Personally I think it's great that you're a kind of quasi-celebrity. That probably means you'll get quasi-celebrity starfuckers! I say, enjoy!

  • Quasi-celebrity? I hardly think so. I'll be a quasi-celebrity when it gives me some benefits, or I'm vaguely mentioned in the press somewhere. Or when I do something on the blog I'm proud of. Or get laid because of it.

    Hang on…

  • Isn't Cardiff a suburb? I only recently went to London, England–I'm from Los Angeles but your blog sounds like a potential favourite. Keep up the blogging, your writing is exceptional. I got in many riles with my blog, but thats what true writers do–get in fights. I'm a daughter of one, so its hereditary…
    Keep up blogging!

  • Well you could always rant on about the state of the British media, the decline of original programme formats, the current fashion of castigating one-time hero Ben Elton, that sort of thing…

    Or perhaps dig into the archive and regale us with tales of how ou met Stephen Fry, or worked on that Richard Gere film.

  • Stop whinging Andrew – we all know you love being the centre of attention, so why shy away from it? You should actively court controversy at every opportunity.

    Your blog has long been an office favourite so trying to pretend nobody should know about when you work in an office full of the most web savvy people in Cardiff is a wee bit disingenuous. If you had been that worried about annonimity you would have run it from an alias to start.

    However, you could always post your libellous and piss taking rants behind to fool all but the most diehardly – it would certainly protect you from the people most likely to fire you at least – know what I mean?

    As for the printer – you can pry it from my cold dead hands… You only want to print out ebooks and personal banking statements anyway… 😉

  • You have to read the source of me last post to see what I meant – your comments board doesn't like comments symbols…

  • Bugger – that didn't work to say the least – There was a message hidden in the gate, exclamation, dash, dash symbols…

  • i kinda ran into the same problem – had some nosey buggers ask me about comments i made on a forum. anyway, my two cents: don't censor yourself! if they don't like it – then they shouldn't read it.

  • Sparrowhawk Charlie

    Amen Dio bach. Andrew – stop this blog and you'll get a punch in the mouth, guaranteed, by your many webfans, in the office and elsewhere.

    Incidentally, if you try and start an anonymous blog, you *know* we'll find it!

    Hip hop, you don't stop/

  • Oops. Sorry, Annoying Copy Guy! I'm sure Andrew actually enjoys competing for the copier with you. He does enjoy debate…

    My suggestion would be to avoid telling assholes about your site, although it seems unavoidable at this point…or anyone who is threatening to become an asshole. Like the asshole I thought was my friend who wrote a love scene in a shit no-budget film involving my boyfriend and HIS ex-girlfriend (don't trust her…) and not telling me! Or even warning me! How nice!!! And this asshole reads my blog! Great.

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