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Is my entire life on Computing?

Is my entire life on Computing?

I was browsing through the Friends Reunited comments on my old schoolmates (well, the subscription expires at the end of January), and came across this comment from an ex-former-schoolmate:

“I am overjoyed so many of us have ended up fulfilling life dreams … Anna is an Actor(ress) Sasha’s a vet, Andrew’s in Computing …”

How depressing that my schoolmates think that my entire life dream was to do something in the highly glamorous occupation known as computing. No, I never dreamed of writing, producing, doing something vaguely artistic. No, I just wanted to be a geek and sit in front of a PC all day being geeky and manipulating bits of code.

Well, I do enjoy that but that’s not all I want to do. And it’s certainly not a life dream. So Mr. Keogh, shame on you! shame on you! shame on you!


  • I think this dude needs to go back to school, an ACTORESS?

  • moonhead

    Never mind Andrew, my ambition *has* been to be something in computing :), and I'm getting there, still. Not quite as glamorous as movie director however, not even if you're Bill Gates or Linus Torvalds :).

  • Andrew, the only reason she said you're in "computing" is that she isn't sophisticated enough to understand what you really do. Anyway, isn't she an actress…? I find being a "pizza navigational technician" more respectable than that…

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