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Female husky voice heaven

Female husky voice heaven

I’ve always been partial to a bit of female husky singing – so this morning, I half-woke up to the amazingly sexy and husky voice of Joss Stone singing Fell In Love With A Boy (White Stripes cover) – and doing a cover version in a way that cover versions should be done. Totally different to the original artist.

An incredibly sexy soulful voice that just cries out for more – although the depressing thing is that she’s only 16.

Now all I need is for Nemone to introduce her on Radio 1 and I can create my shrine to husky-voiced women everywhere who sound fantastically sexy but don’t necessarily look as gorgeous.

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  • No idea who you're taking about. And that Nemone is just the poor man's Jo Whiley. But I suppose I should expect such nonsense from yourself!

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