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Gatwick Airport – some darn strange people there…

Gatwick Airport – some darn strange people there…

Exploring Gatwick Airport before catching our flights to Austria, we came across a female customer in the Gadget Shop bitterly complaining that the shop demo electrocution device was far too powerful. erm… surely, that’s part of the risk?

Sat at the Internet cafe later, an elderly American gentlemen and his friend asked us for help in sending a letter to his beloved wife – brandishing a letter from his wife containing said email address. And on the letter, I distinctly read the words “American Secret Service”. I really hope that the American Secret Service (if they exist, or it’s an ironic codename a la Universal Exports) have got enough sense to ask their agents not to ask strange people for help in sending emails. But you never know.

Journey to Austria fairly easy, hotel quite nice, but no snow and ergo we’re all worried. Especially seeing as the tour company are now charging us 15 euros to go on a coach to another ski resort an hour away, and charging us increased ski lift pass fees. In Euro cash only – no credit cards.

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